Jones et al. v. District of Columbia
Civil Action No. 07-1206 (EGS)

This website pertains to the proposed settlement (“Settlement”) in Jones et al. v. District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 07-1206 (EGS) (“Class Action”), pending in the Court, and the hearing to be held by the Court to consider the fairness, reasonableness, and adequacy of the Settlement. This Notice describes the rights you may have in connection with your participation in the Settlement, what steps you may take in relation to the Settlement and this Class Action, and, alternatively, what steps you must take if you wish to be excluded from the Settlement and this Class Action.

Class Members are: All persons who have received, or are receiving, workers’ compensation benefits (formerly referred to as disability compensation benefits), who were injured while working in a District of Columbia government collective bargaining unit (“union”) position and whose benefits were not increased on June 27, 2004 or thereafter, by one or more of the pay increases (“cost-of-living adjustments”) or “COLAS” awarded by the Council of the District of Columbia on or about October 5, 2003 (2.5%), July 10, 2005 (3.5%), October 2, 2005 (4.0%), October 1, 2006 (3.0%), and October 14, 2007 (3.25%), or a pay parity increase awarded on April 2, 2006.

This website explains the nature of the lawsuit and the general terms of the Settlement, and informs you of your legal rights with respect to the lawsuit.


On July 3, 2007, an action entitled Jones, et al. v. District of Columbia, Civil Action No. 07-1206 (EGS) was filed in the Court on behalf of the nine Class Representatives: Cheryl Jones, Calvin C. Owens, Harold I. Jackson, Lawrence Myers, Estate of Don Saunders, Janet Hill, Clement Suna, Donna Cotton, and Glenda Hall. They alleged the District unlawfully failed to pay COLAs to Benefits recipients who were injured while working in Union positions, while paying them to recipients injured while working in Non-Union positions. The District denied all of the allegations of wrongdoing asserted in the lawsuit and denied any liability whatsoever to any member of the Class. The District also denied this case as filed was a proper class action under the applicable federal rules.

The parties attended two different sets of mediation sessions during the life of the case. In 2008, the parties mediated before U.S. Magistrate Judge Alan Kay, but were unable to reach an agreement and returned to litigation. Subsequently, Federal Judge Emmet G. Sullivan denied a motion to dismiss filed by the District and received briefs and argument on a number of issues. The parties conducted a second set of mediation sessions before Magistrate Judge Kay beginning in June 2014, and, with his assistance following numerous arm’s-length negotiations sessions, ultimately reached an agreement in October 2015.